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Le projet « laboratoire d’excellence CaPPA » est organisé autour de six modules de travail (« workpackages ») :

  • WP1. From gas phase to aerosols: biogenic VCs (volatils organic compunds) as precursors for particles
    Laboratoires impliqués : SAGE, LPCA, PC2A, PhLAM
    Responsables : Christa Fittschen (PC2A), Thérèse Huet (PhLAM)

  • WP2. Aerosol microphysical, chemical and optical properties from fundamental heterogeneous processes to remote sensing
    Laboratoires impliqués: LASIR, LOA, PC2A, PhLAM, SAGE
    Responsables : Yevgeny Derimian (LOA), Denis Petitprez (PC2A)

  • WP3. Aerosol observations: instrumentation, intensive field campaigns, monitoring from ground-based networks and satellites
    Laboratoires impliqués : ICARE, LASIR, LOA, LPCA, SAGE
    Responsables : Hervé Delbarre (LPCA), Jacques Descloitres (ICARE), Philippe Goloub (LOA)

  • WP4. Inverse modelling from satellite observations for improving sources of aerosol and gas precursors, as well as their evolution along transport
    Laboratoires impliqués : ICARE, LOA
    Responsables : Oleg Dubovik (LOA)

  • WP5. Contributions to the study of interactions Aerosols/Clouds/Climate
    Laboratoires impliqués : LOA, PC2A, PhLAM, ICARE
    Responsables : Pascale Desgroux (PC2A), Frédéric Parol (LOA)

  • WP6. Hazard: dispersion, reactivity, deposition of radionuclides
    Laboratoires impliqués : LASIR, PC2A, PhLAM
    Responsables : Laurent Gasnot (PC2A), Valérie Vallet (PhLAM)