PC2A and SAGE took part in a field campaign for peroxyl radicals measurement in ambiant air.

The LOA took part in a unique field campaign in Europe organized from Sept. 13th to Oct.12th 2018, partly during the storm period in Corsica.

Laboratories PC2A, LASIR, PhLAM and SAGE department participated at GK18, HDQD, the 677 WE-Heraeus-Seminar and ICA2018

The Labex CAPPA

The major focus of the Laboratory of Excellence CaPPA - Chemical and Physical Properties of the Atmosphere - relies on the whole aerosol system and its precursors, allowing a better understanding of their role on the climate : radiative forcing and hydrological cycle. Additionally, the labex investigates the evolution of air quality at local, regional and global levels with specific concerns for radionuclides.

It is a fundamental mission of the Labex CaPPA to further promote the northern region of France as a center of excellence in research and education. In bringing together 7 research groups, the labex CaPPA creates a multidisciplinary synergistic partnership strongly contributing to metrological innovations in the field of atmospheric environment. It therefore takes effectively part in the regional and national socio-economic development.

7 laboratories: LOA, PC2A, PhLAM, SAGE, LPCA, LASIR, ICARE

5 partner institutions: CNRS, Université Lille Sciences et technologies, IMT Lille Douai, ULCO,  CNES

The Labex CAPPA is an integral part of the Foundation I-SITE ULNE

Presentation of the project Labex CaPPA in video (in french only)
This broadcast was made by the Regional Council of northern France to highlight the research activities led in the region and the contribution of European funds in Research programms.

Download the presentation brochure

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