Physicochemical characterisation of biogenic volatil organic compounds and of their hydrates.

Doctorant: Mhamad CHRAYTEH

In the frame of the Work package 1 of the Labex CaPPA (From gas phase to aerosols), we aim at characterizing some precursors of secondary organic aerosols (SOA).

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mainly made of unsaturated hydrocarbons, are released in the atmosphere by terrestrial vegetation. Emissions are dominated by isoprene (C5H8) which constitutes the pattern of almost all the terpenes synthesized by plants. In the atmosphere, terpenes are easily oxidized by the hydroxyl radical OH or ozone O3 to lead to secondary oxygenated VOCs (OVOCs, aldehydes and ketones). The hydration of OVOCs could be the process which facilitates the formation of SOA.

We plan to study mono and dihydrates of aldehydes or ketones by means of quantum chemical calculations and rotational spectroscopy. Calculations will be performed using the Gaussian software available in the laboratory. The experimental investigation will consist in recording and analyzing rotational spectra using our free-jet Fourier transform spectrometers in the range 2 – 20 GHz.

The molecules to be studied are perillaldehyde, carvone and limonene oxide.

Director: Thérèse huet (PhLAM)
Co-director: Pascal Dréan (PhLAM)

Laboratory: PhLAM

Financing: Lille 1 University / Labex CaPPA