PhD in Earth Sciences
thesis defended on 14th November 2018
Unité de Recherche Sciences de l’Atmosphère et Génie de l’Environnement, IMT Lille Douai  (SAGE)

Title and thesis summary
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Title and thesis summary

Heterogeneous Interactions of Volatile Organic Compounds with Natural Mineral Dust Samples

This thesis investigates the interactions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with natural mineral dust samples. The VOCs used are isopropanol (IPA), isoprene (ISP) and acetic acid (AcA). Five natural mineral dust samples originating from various desert regions all over the world are used in this study. It is evidenced that the origin, i.e. the chemical composition, of the natural dust sample plays a significant role in defining the nature of its interaction with the VOCs. In particular, an increase of uptake is observed with increasing Al/Si and Fe/Si elemental ratios. Moreover, the dust-VOC interaction is evidenced as being highly impacted by relative humidity and temperature. Various interaction modes have been evidenced between dust and VOCs such as physisorption, chemisorption and reactive sorption depending on the chemical composition of the dust and the structure of the VOC. Depending on the interaction mode, heterogeneous processes can act as a sink of primary VOCs or even a source of secondary oxygenated VOCs in the gas phase. This work emphasizes the contribution of heterogeneous processes to the atmosphere.

Referees :
Yuri BEDJANIA, Directeur de Recherche CNRS, ICARE, CNRS/Université d’Orléans
Pierre DELMELLE, Professeur, Earth and Life Institute, Environmental Sciences, Université Catholique de Louvain

Examiners :
Raluca CIURARU, Chargée de Recherche INRA, INRA
Barbara D’ANNA, Directrice de Recherche CNRS, LCE, CNRS/Université Aix-Marseille

Thesis director :
Véronique RIFFAULT, Professeure, SAGE, IMT Lille Douai

Co-director :
Frédéric THÉVENET, Professeur, SAGE, IMT Lille Douai

Supervisor :
Emmanouil ROMANIAS, Maître-Assistant, SAGE, IMT Lille Douai

Invited member :
Sarah STYLER, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta

Laboratory: Département Sciences de l’Atmosphère et Génie de l’Environnement (SAGE)

Financing: Region Hauts-de-France / Labex CaPPA



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Oral and posters presentation

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