Multiscale variability of meteorology and aerosols in coastal industrialized area 

Doctorant: Cyril Gengembre

The amplitude and the inevitability of global climate change rise a number of scientific problems in different domains as ecology, ecosystems, energy, human health and feeding... At present, the local regional effect of global climate evolution is unknown. The aim of this PhD thesis is to study the variability of meteorological phenomena and aerosols at multiple scales at highly urbanized and industrialized coastal area of Nord-Pas-de-Calais region at intermediate time period (~5 years). Contemporary mathematical methods and statics will be employed to determine frequencies and variances of pertinent meteoparameters and to classify experimental data. At the same time 3D wind fields and aerosols observations will be obtained thanks to Doppler lidar of the Laboratory for Physico-Chemistry of the Atmosphere (LPCA) during (at least) one year period. The aim of the study is to understand a connection between atmospheric dynamics and aerosol dispersion in an industrialized costal area. This research would provide key elements to estimate some regional consequences and to link some tendencies predicted by global climate models with a local meteorology and pollution.


Keywords: lidar, pollution, climat, aerosols, atmosphere.

Director: Hervé Delbarre (LPCA)

Co-supervisors: Anton Sokolov et Patrick Augustin (LPCA)

Laboratory: LPCA 

Financing: Région Nord-Pas-de-Calais / ULCO