Internship offers - 4th semester of the Master diploma - 2017



Ageing of individual pollen grains under controlled environment

Biomarkers of air pollution on pollen

Chemical and physical characterization of fine particles generated by road traffic from brake, clutch and tire abrasion

Development and validation of a wide T & RH range environmental chamber to simulate extreme indoor and outdoor processes: Thalamos

Gas phase reactivity of iodine-containing species of atmospheric interest

Investigating the chemical reactivity of asphalt concrete towards key atmospheric species of different chemical families.

Investigation of the temporal variability of the aerosol chemical composition and optical properties on the University of Lille campus


Master in PHYSICS

A detail analysis of the surface solar resource for an optimization of its exploitation

Advanced laser heterodyne instrument for ground-based remote measurement of vertical concentration profile of key atmospheric species

An Ising-like model for cloud organization at mesoscale under natural marine conditions

Cloud properties susceptibility to marine aerosols AOD: do clouds exhibit a critical phase transition ?

Contribution of water vapor to the greenhouse effect from measurements during the SHADOW campaign

Far InfraRed heterodyne detection

High-resolution rotational spectroscopy of catechol : a precursor of biomass burning organic aerosols

Impact of volcanic particles on the remote sensing of SO2 within volcanic plumes

Inversion of high clouds ice water content from high spectral resolution measurements in the Infrared from the IASI spaceborn instrument

Ion selectivity at the surface of atmospheric aerosols

Morphological properties of cloud three-dimensional structures as inferred by satellite passive sensors

Observation of amospheric turbulence using Doppler lidars