Annual workshop EECLAT
Expecting Earth-Care, Learning from A-train

21-23 January 2019

Sponsored by the Labex CaPPA


EECLAT (Expecting Earth-CARE, Learning from A-Train) is a french national project bringing together the french research activities based on the exploitation of spatial observations to study the atmosphere, clouds and aerosols. EECLAT focuses on remote sensing missions (CALIPSO, CloudSat and CATS) and focuses on the ADM-Aeolus (2018) and Earth-CARE (2021) launch. It also contributes to future missions : MESCAL (~2027). EECLAT brings together 50 scientists coming from more than 10 different french laboratories.

Since 2013, the EECLAT community meets yearly.
Here is a french report written by
V. Noel (LA/CNRS), J. Delanoe (LATMOS) and the EECLAT community on February 2019.

Download the report here