New publication :  Aerosol Science and Technology

A team from PC2A laboratory just published in the journal Aerosol Science and Technology, in collaboration with researchers from National Research Council Canada, the Bielefeld University (Germany) and TSI company
The team investigated the size of the incandescent incipient soot particle in premixed sooting and nucleation flames of n-butane.

This study demonstrates that LII is a promising in situ optical particle sizing technique that is capable of detecting incipient soot as small as about 2.5 nm and potentially 2 nm and resolving small changes in soot sizes below 10 nm.

The study takes part into the WP5 activities and into the thesis of Christopher Betrancourt.

References :
Investigation of the Size of the Incandescent Incipient Soot Particles in Premixed Sooting and Nucleation Flames of n-Butane Using LII, HIM, and 1nm-SMPS
C.Betrancourt, F.Liu, P.Desgroux, X.Mercier, A.Faccinetto, M.Salamanca, L.Ruwe, K.Kohse-Höinghaus, D.Emmrich, A.Beyer, A. Gölzhäuser & T.Tritscher
Aerosol Science and Technology (mai 2017)