Joint Service Unit UMS CNRS, CNES, University of Lille

The ICARE Thematic Center provides various services to support the research community in fields related to aerosols, clouds, water cycle, and their interactions with radiation in the atmosphere. ICARE's main objective is to help the science community access and exploit the huge data volumes derived from remote-sensing and Earth observation missions initiated by CNES, NASA and EUMETSAT..

One of ICARE's main components is the Data and Services Center (CGTD ICARE) that develops science algorithms and production codes, building on the expertise from various scientific partners.

Over the years, ICARE has become a major player within its thematic perimeter. ICARE has developed a large computing facility (41 servers, 258 cores, 760 Tbytes storage capacity), collects a large number of remote sensing data sets (e.g., PARASOL, MODIS, CALIPSO, CLOUDSAT, SEVIRI, OMI, MERIS, AMSU, SSMI ...) from various data providers (CNES, NASA, EUMETSAT, NOAA, ESA), developed various browse and data access tools, and offers numerous developments and computing services to the users.

Specific expertise under the Labex project :
Processing and distribution of satellite data related to research on aerosols, clouds and water cycle.

Research axes / Workpackages : 
3, 4 et 5

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