Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers, Atomes et Molécules

Joint Research Laboratory UMR 8523 CNRS – University of Lille

PhLAM laboratory activities are related the interaction of light with matter. Activities are predominantly experimental, but with a very strong coupling with theory. They are focusing on 5 fields of study: Molecular Spectroscopy and its applications, Physical chemistry modeling and theory, Photonics, Nonlinear dynamics of optical and biological systems, Physics of cold atoms.

Two teams “ Physical chemistry modeling and theory ” and “ Molecular Spectroscopy and its applications ” are involved in the CaPPA project.

Specific expertise under the Labex project :
Spectral signature of complex organic molecules, molecular ions and radicals
Study of hydrated complex (hydrogen bond
Collision process (spectral line shape)
Quantum chemistry calculations
Trace gases incorporation in ice
Multi-phase balance
Soot formation mechanisms during combustion processes
Heterogeneous nucleation process on aerosols (soots, pollens)
Modeling of heavy atoms complex in gas or condensed phase
Electronic structure in inner and valence layers
Modeling of physicochemical properties of the atmosphere

Developed instrumentation in the Labex context :

Microwave pulses spectrometers paired with  a molecular beam (2-20 GHz)
Millimetric and sub-millimetric spectrometers (75-1400 GHz)

Spectrometers REMPI / laser desorption / TOF-MS
MALDI spectrometers, Raman, CEAS, LIBS
Thermal Characterization System
Cold room
Computing means: High-Performance Computing Linux cluster (356 CPUs)

Research axes / Workpackages :

1, 2, 5 et 6

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