Atmospheric Sciences and Environmental Engineering Department

IMT Lille Douai – Engineering School and Research Center

SAGE department is a research unit of the Institut Mines Télécom which is a public institution devoted to higher education, research and innovation in the fields of engineering and digital technology and affiliated with the Ministry of Industry.
Its research activity is mainly focused on the field of Environmental Sciences and more specifically on air quality and atmospheric reactivity in order to better understand the impacts of human activities on the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere. This consists in identifying pollutants and their origins, determining their behavior in relation to their impacts on health and environment and developing innovative processes for improving air quality.
Main areas of research at SAGE are developed along two directions which consists on the one hand of the “Characterization of pollutants: from sources to effects” (RT1) and on the other hand of the “Reactivity of pollutants” (RT2).

Specific expertise under the Labex project :
Sampling and analysis methods of trace species
Organization of field campaign
Study of physico-chemical processes in the laboratory using various experimental reactors
Study of the kinetics, mechanisms and products of atmospheric gas-phase reactions of organic compounds.
Mapping or receptor modeling

Research axes / Workpackages :
1, 2, 3

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