Séminaire A. Kostinski

Department of Physics, Michigan Technological University, USA

28 mai 2018, 10:30, bibliothèque du LOA (salle 336, bât. P5), Université de Lille


Terrestrial glints seen from deep space: cloud ice crystals detected from the 1st Lagrangian point

The deep space climate observatory (DSCOVR) spacecraft resides at the 1st Lagrangian point about one million miles from Earth, where the solar and the terrestrial pull are in dynamic balance. A polychromatic imaging camera onboard delivers nearly hourly observations of the entire sun-lit face of the Earth. Many images contain surprisingly bright flashes of light over both ocean and land. We construct a yearlong time series of flash latitudes, scattering angles and oxygen absorption to demonstrate that the flashes over land are specular reflections off tiny cloud ice platelets. Such deep space detection of tropospheric ice can be used to constrain the likelihood of oriented crystals and their contribution to Earth albedo. Such glints may aid detection of starlight of faint companions in our search for habitable exoplanets.

Lundi, 28 Mai, 2018 - 10:30
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Michigan Technological University