Internship offers - 4th semester of the Master diploma - 2019

Internship offers for the 2018-2019 year


Atmospheric degradation of furan-based biomass burning emission products: A kinetic and mechanistic study
A. Tomas and M. Romanias, SAGE

Characterization of a Fast-GC/Proton Transfer Reaction-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer for ambient measurements of speciated BVOCs
S. Dusanter, SAGE

Chemical heterogeneity of atmospheric particles in urbanized and industrialized environments during pollution events
K. Deboudt, LPCA

Heterogeneous degradation of sulfur dioxide on volcanic dust particles
D. Urupina, M. Romanias, F. Thévenet, SAGE

Influence of the reactivity of sea salt/organic single particles on their hygroscopic properties
Y. Tobon, LASIR

Investigating the emissions and chemical reactivity of asphalt concrete towards key atmospheric species of different chemical families
M. Romanias, F. Thévenet, T. Salameh

Investigation of the free radical budget in the troposphere
S. Dusanter, SAGE

Investigation of the kinetics of ozonolysis of unsaturated oxygenated compounds
A. Tomas, SAGE

Investigation of the temporal variability of the aerosol chemical composition and optical properties on the University of Lille campus
V. Riffault and S. Crumeyrolle, SAGE and LOA

Measurement of carbonaceous particles in the exhaust line of a combustion system using scanning mobility particle sizing and laser induced incandescence
P. Desgroux and A. Faccinetto, PC2A

Meteorological drivers of secondary inorganic aerosols
E. Perdrix, SAGE

Optical, microphysical, radiative and chemical properties of volcanic and industrial sulfate aerosols
M. Boichu, LOA

Rupture of pollen grains induced by pollution
M. Choël and N. Visez, LASIR and PC2A

Study of the reactivity of radical species in atmospheric chemistry
L. Pillier, PC2A

Characterization of aerosol properties in the vicinity of clouds to study of aerosol – cloud interaction
P. Goloub, LOA

Characterization of molecular complexes between terpenoids and hydrogen sulfide by quantum chemical calculations and microwave spectroscopy
P. Dréan, PhLAM

Cloud properties susceptibility to marine aerosols AOD: do clouds exhibit a critical phase transition ?
O. Pujol, LOA

Identification of oxygen-containing compounds on the surface of soot particles by two-step laser mass spectrometry (L2MS)
Y. Carpentier, PhLAM

Impact of the aerosol optical properties obtained in laboratory on their characterization by remote-sensing from space.
H. Herbin, LOA

Impact of volcanic particles on the remote sensing of SO2 within volcanic plumes
M. Boichu, LOA

Measurements of SOA precursors in an atmospheric simulation chamber using rotational spectroscopy
A. Cuisset, LPCA

Molecular modeling of core ionization spectra of adsorbed molecules on ice
A. Severo Pereira Gomes and C. Toubin, PhLAM

Optical, microphysical, radiative and chemical properties of volcanic and industrial sulfate aerosols
M. Boichu, LOA

Oscillations and collective behavior of cloud-rain interaction
O. Pujol, LOA

Photoacoustic sensor for black carbon - NO2
W. Chen, LPCA