Internship offers - 4th semester of the Master diploma - 2017



Changes on pollen grains induced by O3 and NO2

Chemical and physical characterization of fine particles generated by road traffic from brake, clutch and tire abrasion

Effect of photochemical ageing on the hygroscopic properties of sea salt/organic single particles

Acquisition and Modelling of NICE-OHMS signals of atmospheric Molecules

Characterization of atmospherically relevant molecules and their hydrates from gas phase spectroscopy and electronic structure calculations

Characterization of the instrumental prototype CHRIS (Compact High spectral Resolution Infrared Spectrometer) for measuring atmospheric composition.

Chemical characterization of automobile soot particles and analogues by mass spectrometry after laser desorption and laser ionization

Global scale characterization of the relation between cloud heterogeneity and retrieved satellite cloud parameters

La mesure de la qualité de l’air par satellite est elle réalisable ?

Photoacoustic sensor for black carbon - NO2

Quantum Dynamical Study of the Photodesorption and Photodissociation of Small Halogenated Molecules on Ice and Aerosols

Retrieval of aerosol above clouds properties using combined airborne sun-photometer and flux meter observations during the AEROCLO-SA field campaign in Namibia.

Separation and trapping efficiency of gas mixtures within sandy-clayey ice matrices (clathrates)

Spectroscopic characterization of fluorinated aldehydes in gas phase

Spectroscopic investigation of anthropogenic soot particles and their propensity to activate ice growth in cold and humid atmospheres

Study of nighttime aerosol properties and variability

Study collisional broadening of pollutants by Terahertz spectroscopy techniques

Theoretical study of sulfur dioxide reactivity on organic aerosol surfaces