Measurements at the atmospheric simulation chamber CESAM, project INVOC-Dust

The project INVOC-Dust, coordinated by Emmanouil ROMANIAS from IMT Lille Douai, is part of the CNRS INSU program LEFE-CHAT (Les Enveloppes Fluides et l’Environnement - Chimie Atmosphérique).

In that context, researchers from the department Sciences de l’Atmosphère et Génie de l’Environnement (SAGE) and from the University of Alberta have spent three weeks at Université Paris Est Créteil to perform experiments in the atmospheric simulation chamber CESAM labelled as Instrument National de l’INSU and part of the European consortium Eurochamp.

The activities developed at this research facility aimed at studying the properties and impacts of natural desert dust samples under a range of realistic atmospheric conditions, including the effect of its interactions with gaseous organic compounds typically found in the atmosphere such as acetic acid and limonene. The results aim at improving climate models better represent the interaction between natural and anthropogenic aerosol sources and their impact on climate.

This work will contribute to the workpackage 2 of the Labex CaPPA.