Involvement of the laboratories of the Labex in ACTRIS


ACTRIS is the European Research Infrastructure for the observation of Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases. ACTRIS is composed of observing stations, exploratory platforms, instrument calibration centres, and a data centre. ACTRIS serves a vast community of users working on atmospheric research, climate and Earth system and air quality models, satellite retrievals, weather analysis and forecast systems by offering high quality data and research infrastructure services for atmospheric aerosols, clouds, and trace gases.

The ACTRIS Science Community unites partners from 22 countries across Europe and involves more than 100 research institutes and organisations.

The ACTRIS European Research Infrastructure ensures the sustainability of monitoring the atmosphere to detect changes and trends in atmospheric composition and understand their impact on air quality and climate.

Primary goal of ACTRIS is to produce high quality integrated datasets in the area of atmospheric sciences. Some will benefit to all European citizens through the Copernicus European Union’s Earth Observation program. Another goal of ACTRIS is to provide services, including access to instrumented platforms. One of ACTRIS users concerns the private sector via expert services and physical access to the infrastructure for innovative research for the development of novel technology and products. Novel public-private collaborations lead to the establishment of spin-off and start-up companies.

ACTRIS-RI roadmap 2011-2025

2011-2015« I3-ACTRIS-1 » : first integration effort of the scientific community
Déc. 2015ACTRIS is accepted into The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure Roadmap (ESFRI).
2015-2019« ACTRIS-2 » : continuation of the « I3-ACTRIS-1 »  project within the framework of the EU H2020 programme
2017-2019« ACTRIS PPP Preparatory Phase Project », EU H2020 programme to bring ACTRIS to the level of organizational, operational, and strategic maturity
2020-2025Implementation of ACTRIS-RI
2025ACTRIS-RI is operational. ACTRIS-RI becomes a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). ACTRIS ERIC statutory seat will be hosted by Finland and the ACTRIS Head Office operated by Finland and Italy

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ACTRIS and the involvement of the laboratories of the Labex

Several laboratories of the Labex CaPPA contribute to the ACTRIS research infrastructure « Aerosol, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure »
SAGE, LOA and ICARE are highly contributing and play a key role in the activities of 3 Central Facilities out of 8. In addition, they contribute to the integration of the Lille site as National Facilities and the Douai site as Central Facilities within the future ACTRIS-RI.

ACTRIS ensures the sustainability of monitoring the atmosphere to detect changes and trends in atmospheric composition and understand their impact on the stratosphere and upper troposphere. Specifically, LOA is the lead of ACTRIS activities for the international Aeronet Network and ICARE is a key component of the ACTRIS Europe Data Centre for the provision of satellite data and services bridging satellite and ground network observations.

The data from atmospheric observations conducted by the CaPPA Labex (long-term observations, field campaigns) feed ACTRIS-FR and ACTRIS-RI projects, and are shared with all groups of atmospheric sciences, including modeling groups at the national, European and international levels. Use and integration of satellite aerosol observations into climate models are also performed through the AEROCOM working group to which the Labex contributes through ICARE/AERIS and LOA.

(above) Lille observation platform (left) and LILAS multispectral LiDAR Raman room-laboratory (right), Department of Physics, University of Lille.
(above) ACTRIS-RI Center for In-situ Trace Gases: center of expertise and calibration of reactive trace gases of IMT Lille Douai.
(above) Data and Service Center Infrastructure ICARE: largest IT platform of the national “Atmosphere and Service Data Pole” (AERIS). Approximately 6 Po data of interest are open to the national and international community.

General presentation of ACTRIS in video, made by ACTRIS-EU

Final meeting ACTRIS-2 organised at IMT Lille Douai , 16-18 October 2018, video made by IMT Lille Douai