The following prerequisites are required in order to apply for the first (M1) or second (M2) year of the M.Sc. in Atmospheric Sciences program :

  • For M1 : a B.Sc. (i.e. 180 ECTS) or an equivalent Diploma in the field of Physics, Chemistry or Physical Chemistry.
  • For M2 : a completed first year of Master of Physics, Applied Physics, Chemistry or Physical Chemistry (60 ETCS)

Additionally, sufficient English proficiency is required for all candidates. A B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages (CERF) or equivalent is expected.


The procedure to follow to apply for the Master as well as a Student Visa is entirely dematerialised and depends on the country of residency and/or the citizenship of candidates. Therefore, we strongly invite each non-European candidate   to gather information from their respective Campus France agency  ( when possible, in order to get a precise idea of the overall procedure.

Note that the applications for fellowships must be submitted separately .

Etudes en France deadline 15 december 2022

Candidates residing in one of the 44 countries eligible for the “Etudes en France” (EeF) procedure ( ( will be required to directly apply via the EeF platform (

After registering, candidates will be asked to select specific programs. Be aware that the M.Sc. in Atmospheric Science has different naming on the EeF platform depending on the  year (M1 or M2) and specialty (Physics or Chemistry) that candidates desire to apply for. We advice to use the following names in the search engine, without extra filtering options :

For the M1 in Physics :

search for “Physics of the 21st century” and select “Physics of the 21st century year 1

For the M2 in Physics :

search for “Matter, molecule and their environment” and select “Matter, molecule and their environment year 2

For the M1 in Chemistry :

search for “Chimie physique et analytique”, click on “Taught in English” – “Master indifférencié (recherche et professionnel)” – “chimie physique et analytique” and finally select “chimie physique et analytique year 1

For the M2 in Chemistry :

search for “Atmospheric Sciences” and select “Atmospheric Sciences year 2

Please ensure that the selected institution that appears below upon selecting a program indeed corresponds to Université de Lille and “Département de Physique” (for Physics) or “Département de Chimie” (for Chemistry).

e-candidat – to be announced not before March 2023

European nationals or candidates that are not eligible for Campus France and/or the Etudes en France procedure need to apply directly via the platform of University of Lille (

For detailed information on the procedure, click on “Guide du candidat (version anglaise)”.

Select « Département de Physique »

For Physics, select ‘Département de Physique’

  • For the M1 in Fundamental and Applied Physics:

search for “Physics of the 21st century” and select “Physics of the 21st century”

  • For the M2 in Fundamental and Applied Physics:

select “Matter, molecule and their environment ”)

For Chemistry, select ‘Département de Chimie’

  • For the M1 Chimie physique et analytique:

select “chimie physique et analytique ”

  • For the M2 Chimie physique et analytique:

select “Atmospheric Sciences

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt regarding your situation and the application procedure.