Aerosol optical properties : a collaborative work

A collaboration between LASIR, LOA, PC2A and LPCA teams succeeded to measure optic properties of several aerosol families : model particues of pure silica (SiO2, composing of desertic dust), particules of NaCl (composing of sea salt), particules of pure carbone and valcanic soot (from the volcan « Eyjafjallajökull », in collaboration with Outi Meinander, Helsinki).

With three different experimental approachs, researchers hope to fix optical constants for instance, indications of complexe refraction in several spectral fields. 

Those constants are crucial in models of sampling atmospheric reversals which could detect particules in the atmosphere and could quantify their height and their concentration as well as find out their chemical nature because of equipments on the ground or on board. 

Participants : Danielle El Hajj, Patrice Hubert, Gaoxuan Wang encadrés par Weidong Chen, Eric Fertein, Marie Choël, Suzanne Crumeyrolle, Hervé Herbin et Denis Petitprez