The Labex CaPPA funded a ACSM (Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor) for WP3 activities. It is located in Douai, and regulary used by SAGE department of the IMT Lille Douai.
The ACMS was integrated in a container – PEGASUS of Lisa (UPEC/CNRS) for the whole time of the campain from 12th May to 11th June. The campain took place on Mediteranean Sea on the IFREMER’s ship called « the Why not? »

This ANR project is managed in order to study processes on the interface between the air and the ocean. The particular studied point is fallouts of desertic dust.

SAGE Departement is in charge of measuring the chemical composition of submicronic particules in real time as well as following measured concentrations during the campain.

Contact :
Participants : Véronique RIFFAULT , Emmanuel TISON