Scientific partnerships

The Labex CaPPA has intensified its strong national and international collaborations with : 

– Innovative coupling of specific reactors devoted to atmospheric chemistry with synchrotron radiation provided at the French synchrotron SOLEIL and of CaPPA new instrumentation to several simulation chamber facilities provided by EUROCHAMP

– Participation to international field campaigns: deployment of innovative instruments for characterizing the atmosphere properties (ChARMEX, PROPHET-AMOS, SHADOW, and BLLAST projects) as well as to inter-compare capabilities and performances of specific instrumentation (such as OH reactivity instruments and HONO quantification methods)

– Involvement in the Pems4nano H2020 and Actris projects.
–> The Research Infrastructure ACTRIS is the pan-European initiative that consolidates strategies amongst European partners for observation of aerosols, clouds, and trace gases. Read more about Actris and the involvment of the laboratories of the Labex