Who are we ?

The laboratory of Excellence gathers 7 laboratories with unique and complementary skills and expertise in order to run multidisciplinary research activities.
4 different CNRS National Institutes are involved:PhysicsChemistryEarth Sciences and AstronomyEngineering and Systems Science.
Chemists and physicists join forces and implement a theoretical and experimental approach, at local and global scales, in the laboratory and on the field.

5 laboratories are located on the University of Lille campus

LOA (Joint Research Unit UMR 8518 Université de Lille – CNRS)
PC2A (Joint Research Unit UMR 8522 Université de Lille – CNRS)
PhLAM (Joint Research Laboratory UMR 8523 Université de Lille – CNRS)
LASIR (Joint Research Unit UMR 8516 Université de Lille – CNRS)
ICARE (Joint Service Unit UMS Université de Lille – CNRS – CNES)

1laboratory is located at the University ULCO campus in Dunkirk

LPCA (Research Unit EA 4493 of the University of Littoral Côte d’Opale under contract with the CNRS)

1laboratory is part of the Engineer School « IMT Lille Douai  » 

SAGE (IMT Lille Douai – Engineering School and Research Center)

Multidisciplinary expertise fields:

  • laser diagnostics, spectroscopy
  • atmospheric reactivity (gas, aerosols)
  • modelling (transport, reactivity)
  • optical properties
  • radiative transfer
  • quantum Chemistry

The Science Day of the Labex CaPPA is held every year in February. The event is the opportunity for each workpackage to share the last scientific progresses.

Do not hesitate to join us and meet with us for this special day: contact Anne Burlet-Parendel, communication manager and valorization officer for the Labex.