The « Physical and Chemical Properties of the Atmosphere – CaPPA » project  has been selected through the 2nd call for projects « Laboratory of excellence » in 2012.

It brings together 7 laboratories with unique and complementary expertises.
4 of the 10 research institutes of the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) are involved in the project through their laboratories : PhysicsChemistryEarth Sciences and AstronomyEngineering and Systems Science.

In order to achieve their joint objective, scientists combine their approaches, leading to new perspectives and further/additional skills.

Thanks to its large audience and the budget allocation, the project CaPPA has also dedicated  actions in education, public outreach and technology transfer (economic development).

The total amount of aid granted by the French National Research Agency (ANR) for the Labex CaPPA represents €7,5 million for a period of 8 years. (2012-2019).

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Presentation of the project Labex CaPPA in video (in french only):

This broadcast was made by the Regional Council of North France to highlight the research activities led in the region and the contribution of European funds in Researh programms.

Laboratory of excellence

The Investments for the Future programmes represent 47 billion euros of which 26.6 billion euros are allocated to higher education and research.
2 programmes were launched so far: €22.6 bn in 2010 and €4 bn in 2014.

The « Laboratories of Excellence » program (labex, laboratory of excellence) is one of the tools created within the Investments in the Future initiative. It provides internationally visible labs the means to compete with their foreign counterparts on an equal footing, attract researchers and professors of international renown and build a high level research, training and value creation integrated policy.

Source: French National Research Agency (ANR)