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Research axes – Workpackages

The project is organized in 6 workpackages:


– To document the atmospheric processes : aerosol precursors, nucleation, atmospheric reactivity, coating effect, hygroscopicity, aerosol aging
– To quantify the impact of atmospheric reactions on optical and radiative properties
– To find the radiative properties of aerosols at global scale and estimate the associated radiative forcing
– To develop simple parameterizations of atmospheric processes in order to implement them in transport or climate models
– To map and quantify the sources of aerosols and their evolution
– To estimate the particle and gaseous pollution from ground/satellites measurements


Since February 2018, the activities of the laboratory of excellence CaPPA are coordinated by Denis Petitprez, scientific responsible of the project (Laboratoire de PhysicoChimie des Processus de Combustion et de l’Atmosphère)and Frédéric Parol, deputy coordinator of the project (Laboratoire d’Optique Atmosphérique).

Didier Tanré and Pascale Desgroux have been coordinating the project from 2012 until 2017, Philippe Goloub and Pascale Desgroux have been coordinating the project from 2017 until 2018.