Training program

Organisation Formation

The master Atmospheric Sciences is a 2 year course (120 ECTS credits). Three semesters (30 credits each) of integrated courses delivered in english.

The first semesters (S1 to S3) are dedicated to lectures and practical work, while the last semester (S4, 01 Feb-30 June in the 2nd year) focuses on a full-time laboratory research project. A large selection of research projects will be offered to students.

 M1: Common background with fundamentals and transversal skills (project management…) + 3 courses in atmospheric sciences

 M2: Semester 3 – Sept-Dec

Aerosols, Radiative Transfer (Phys), Atmospheric Modelling, Advanced Spectroscopy, Space observatories (Phys)

 Semester 4 – Feb-June

Research project in a laboratory

Full-time research position in a laboratory involved in the labex CaPPA

In addition, transferable skills (internship, bibliographical research, scientific communication, project management).